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Hello LiSAkko - Here's how to translate articles

After you logged in you will be able to translate every single article on our website.

How? You should see a magic wand saying “Translate” on top of every article, in the pink bar. You are free to click this and translate the article in any language you like. After clicking the magic wand an article editor shows up.

Choose your language on the top of the editor window, translate the title in the white title bar, then click on Content to start translating the actual article content. You can always swap between the original and the new language or even add multiple translations of 1 article at once -- switching language won't lose your changes.

The editor workflow should speak for itself, yet if you found yourself stuck. . . Then you are always free to contact us on the social media Twitter, Facebook, Goolgle+

Once you did your final spell checks you can press the submit button and wait for one of the language moderators to approve your translation.

Cool story? We will always give the community credit, so your name will show up below the article title. What if multiple LiSAkko have contributed to 1 translation? Then we will display multiple names.

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