LiSA_OLiVE (LiSA Oribe)

Risa Oribe (織部 里沙 Oribe Risa) Born on the 24th of June 1987 in Gifu, For us better known as Love is Same All in short LiSA.

LiSA began her singing career at school in 2005 with an indie rock band named Chucky, Sadly Chucky disbanded in July 2008 after having a tour in 2007 throughout Japan. In their short time of existence they made some great songs;

Many more songs might have been made once these secret files have been located we will add them to the list, Some of these songs remain in memories of those lucky ones, some of these can be found in the wonderful world of the internet, and some will be redone on new albums like笑っていたくて. The lyrics of most songs can be found in the lyrics section. 2010 LiSA her dream came true in the early 2010's when she had the once in a lifetime opportunity to sing as Yui, in the well known anime Angel Beats with songs written by the living legend Jun Maeda. From that point her life turned into the most awesome rollercoaster

having songs like「Little Braver」 and 「Ichiban no Takaramono (一番の宝物 )」 easily breaking the Oricon top 5 LiSA GDM Solo LiSA began her solo career in 2011 with her debut Love Letter 「Letters to U」 not really kicking off the best by only reaching #14 in the Oricon chart. Her solo career really gained a huge boost with 「Oath Sign」 better known as the opening song of Fate/Zero reaching the top #5 of the Oricon chart. The following Love Letters all did wonderfully well and we are looking forward to many more works of LiSA and her band.

It might have come to your notice that we've call the CD's Love Letters instead of CD's, This is because LiSA likes to call her CD's Love Letters, due to the amount of loves and smiles she puts into the CD to give her LiSAっ子 the best experience they can possibly get from her. LiSAkko LiSAkko, LiSAっ子 what means LiSA kids or in other words little LiSA's. This is what LiSA prefers to call her fans, and it might be clear that we are glad to be called like that. And because of that fact she wants to give her kids all the best she can. and she does definitely deliver, LiSA gives dates for her LiSAっ子, or in other words live concerts. Until today LiSA has visited the United states of America, Singapore 3 times at AFA Singapore, Indonesia AFA Indonesia, China and many, many more, Let's not forget all those amazing things she does in her home country Japan, Including the annual Valentines events, Halloween events and Christmas events. photobook2 What is up next? Nobody knows, yet everybody's love's to see her attending their local anisong concert, and LiSA is determined to deliver the best experience for every single LiSAkko out there including YOU! 今日もいい日だっ。

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